5 Cool Gift Ideas Your Tech-Obsessed Friend Would Definitely Love


While even a small chocolate bar brings a broad smile on our face when gifted by a loved or known one, thoughtful custom presents make a lot more sense and obviously create more happiness.


There are art lovers, foodies, sports buffs and then we have the tech-obsessed. With a myriad of advanced tech accessories in the market, it isn’t a challenging feat to surprise and delight a gadget-obsessed friend, sibling or colleague.

Let’s take a look at the most sought after gifts any techie would be pleased to receive.

Wireless Headphones
This accessory brings the best of both worlds: sound technology and comfort. Wireless earphones make listening to music more comfortable in environments such as gym, public transport, and other crowded settings. There are a lot of affordable options for wireless or Bluetooth headphones out there. Compare the available choices based on volume, sound quality, and controls.

Portable Smartphone Charger
Nothing can be more frustrating than the terrible feeling when you head out the door unsure if your smartphone will make it through the night. Having a portable charger allows one to restore their phone battery when on the go or outside without needing a charger or having to find a socket to connect one.

Digital Camera
Chances are the receiver will have a smartphone with a pretty good camera. However, it is still a unique experience to own a standalone digital camera. You don’t necessarily need to buy an expensive model to gift someone. There are countless choices and varieties in the market that offer advanced features at competitive prices.

Bluetooth Speakers
Again, smartphones today are influenced by modern technology and thus have great inbuilt sound quality. But if you have ever owned or used Bluetooth speakers, you would know nothing compares to their audio quality.

Being compact and portable in nature, Bluetooth speakers are perfect to play your favourite tunes when hitting the beach or going on a hike or casually lounging around your dwelling. Isn’t it the coolest gift to give someone?

To Sum up
If you’re looking for a gift for your tech-obsessed friend or family member, keep these accessories in your list. Moreover, laptop cover, mini keyboard, streaming stick, USB drive and action camera are amongst some other uncommon yet effective accessories you can consider when it comes to gifting a tech-obsessed.

To make it easier for you, Simmtronics is a reliable online retailer that provides you with a wide range of laptop accessories and devices. From Simmtronics Led monitor to Simmtronics data card and Simmtronics Ram DDR2, you can choose from a huge assortment to find a perfect gift.


The right adapter can boost your laptop’s performance considerably


Are you facing a great deal of trouble to power your laptop? Is your laptop demanding frequent charging? Did you lose your laptop’s charger during your last vacation? Then don’t panic. You can still perform all your crucial tasks on it by mere getting high quality laptop adapter online. Regardless of your laptop’s brand, you can easily find a power translator for your laptop from leading online stores. Online stores offer an extensive range of high quality laptop adapters from leading brands at exciting offers and deals.

Performance and efficiency of your laptop can only be maintained, if you have a good charger in place. When looking for long lasting, best performing chargers, you need to keep tabs on charger’s price, portability and compatibility with your laptop. Don’t you want to work for long hours without worrying about your charger’s life? If yes, then by investing in high quality laptop charger you can boost your laptop’s performance undeniably. An efficient charger promises steady performance with standby times and long usage hours.

You can also go for universal laptop chargers, popularly known as one for all chargers just to play safe. Such chargers adapt their power settings with the laptop in use and come with various interesting fool proof features. These chargers charge battery at a faster rate and have ability to trip the power supply as soon as there is voltage fluctuation. You must also know the types of power translators available for your laptop. Three types of power translators include

  • The AC adapter which converts AC current into the DC current.
  • The DC translator which converts the low running voltage through the DC line to a higher voltage.
  • The universal power translator that can work with any power source.

You must also know about your laptop’s amperage and voltage requirements to keep it safe and secure from electrical hazards.

Tech Hacks That Will Make You Love Your Computer/Laptop Even More


Every individual who owns a computer or laptop looks for easy ways to use their device. Be it laptop adapters chargers or complicated apps, users just want things linked to their device to be easier.

But geeks and techies; they look beyond the usual. They have this irresistible urge to turn even the most basic of systems into an efficient unit with their web-acquired tricks.

Listed below are a few common yet useful hacks from geeks that other every other geek should know.

  • If that clumsy wired mouse has always been a trouble for you, throw it away right now. You can perform a number of operations from launching apps to editing text using your keyboard. You can learn the basics on the internet.
  • The laptop case which you use to protect your device from scratches and dents, actually helps keep your device from getting too hot.
  • Going out? You can remotely access your computer from anywhere and keep any eye on what’s going on with your device when you’re not there.
  • You might be aware of the common shortcut to close your current window but did you know there are hundreds of them you can learn to make your life easier.
  • There are hidden games in your computer that you might not even be aware of. With a little coding and step-by-step instructions, you can access interesting old school games like Pong and Tetris on your system.

You might be tempted to buy cool accessories such as external hard drive, laptop stand, cooling pad, laptop case and more for your device, but knowing these hacks instead can make the difference that those accessories might not.

If you have that geek within you , keep these hacks at your fingertips.

Things Every New Laptop Owner Should Know


So, you just got yourself a new laptop!

Whether you invest in a fair Toshiba A200 model from the Satellite series or an expensive Lenovo Ultrabook, buying a laptop is an exciting prospect in itself.

While every laptop is equipped with unique functionality and features that improve your lifestyle, every user, at some point, has to deal with issues like viruses, malware and data loss that make for a stressful user experience.

That is why knowing the basics is important for every new laptop buyer to make the most out of their system.

So, here we gathered a couple of considerations that will help make your experience of using a new laptop pleasant and hassle-free.

  • Have a backup in place

A computer system or hard drive can crash any time without any prior warning putting you at risk for data loss. Thus backing up your laptop device is inevitable.

While most users go for the convenient means to set up a backup, which is to back up their data in an external drive using built-in tools, it is advisable to back up your data online. Doing this will make sure your data is safe no matter where you are and what happens to your device.

  • Stick to a Maintenance Routine

Maintenance is necessary to keep your laptop in tip-top shape and operating fast and smoothly. From keeping your device physically clean to cleaning up temporary files and unnecessary tools to keeping data organized, tasks involved in laptop maintenance can help prevent your system from issues like overheating and slow speed.

  • Keep up with system and application updates

A laptop consists of software programs and drivers that help the device function appropriately. An outdated operating system may incur sever technical errors that can affect the performance and effectiveness of the laptop. Therefore, it is important that your laptop and all its programs are up-to-date and running seamlessly.

In addition to these considerations, laptop users must also make sure that their system has an effective anti-virus software in place to protect itself from viruses and malware.

Keeping your laptop and its hardware and software safe and maintained can pay in the long-run. Do not forget to go through the user manual and maintenance guide that is provided with every laptop so as to ensure smooth function of the system.

Importance of Finding Trustworthy Services for Your Electronic Devices


When you buy a product you expect a lot more than the quality, especially when it comes to your electronic gadgets and devices. When you make a purchase, you expect reliable services and timely updates if that electronic device holds a strong brand presence. Of course, with great brands comes great services and you develop trust with its brand value, however you never know who is being fishy with your device back at the service centre. Your work related data and personal information are usually stored in laptops, mobile phones and tablets, which can easily be accessed by the executive working at the service centre.

Hence, it’s important to consider this aspect before making the purchase, also make sure that the brand maintains a transparency with you when you go home with the bundle of services they have offered.

The Risk Factor

If you are a professional working for banking sector, real estate or Information Technology, keeping the data safe and secure is the primary concern. That’s why people prefer to go with branded products as they come along with promising after sales services. However, since these brands have started getting complaints related to their data loss, companies have maintained silence in order to cool down the situation and focus more on providing uncompromised and up-to-the-mark services at any cost.

When giving your electronic device to a support technicians, make sure they understands the issue so that you develop trust with the company. Also, be sure about the data and clarify about the terms and conditions associated with infringement rights. By this, you will gradually associate yourself with the brand and will stay unbothered about your data.

Choosing Simmtronics service centre as your partner

Partnering with a renowned company like Simmtronics who has been around for a while as a number of advantages. We make sure to provide effective services which are satisfactory for the clients; moreover our tech executives have the knowledge, spare parts, equipment which are required to service your Simmtronics electronics products effectively.

We at Simmtronics service centre are trained to keep your data safe and secure by signing the confidentiality agreement and keeps a strong vigil at every stage of the service. Our repair facility is highly trustworthy when it comes to timely delivery with security, which is what makes Simmtronics one of the most trusted brands for buying electronic goods in India and beyond. We give real answers to our customers without costing them more money whilst maintaining company-customer relationship strong.

Contact us today and book your service and our executives from repair facility will be available to help you out in no time.

Importance of Buying Business Laptops from a Trusted Manufacturer or Vendor


Laptop makers are always on the move to create something innovative in order to differentiate between their consumers and professional-oriented computer systems. However in most of the cases, their home users would be better off if they the marketing spin are being ignored by them and they look forward to buy business laptops. Since consumer portables are basically designed for style, business laptops offer a lot of configuration options along with improvised usability.

Large corporate customers generally buy these corporate notebooks like HP NX6120 in thousands of number and expect them to work for a prolonged period. However, a laptop life doesn’t depend upon the years but its usage, since corporate executives make use of laptops more than anything else, it’s understood that they expect a minimized lifeline of laptops.

Hence, designing laptops at the highest quality to keep their customers satisfied is what laptop manufacturers look out for. However, buying laptop isn’t all what big corporate look out for; they want a vendor who assures back-end support along with providing high quality laptop accessories.

Importance of being associated with a trusted vendor

Corporations prefer holding on to their vendors for a long term association who keep offering parts and services. The problem arises when a company trusts its vendor and soon after placing the order for hundreds of laptops, the laptop model gets discontinued and it’s hard for them to find the accessories like replacement batteries, AC adapters and other components. This bitters the company-vendor relationships, hence finding a trustworthy vendor who makes sure to provide reliable services in such situation is a must.

Bottom Line

If you want more protection and reliability for your business laptop warranties, consider Simmtronics as your vendor. We offer priority services to our clients and make sure to provide the after sales services to them by providing timely services and laptop accessories.

We understand that your business laptops are a huge liability and a concern for IT department.  Hence, we offer services that give you a peace of mind along with back end support. Place your orders today!

Seek Out for The Most Efficient Led Monitors Which Comes Under Budget


The computer monitor you are operating on right now was probably installed along with other assembled products. People usually fail to make wise decisions when they don’t have better options in similar range, hence they end operating on screens which are harmful not only for the eyes but also for the entire ecosystem of the working environment. When you are spending most of the time looking at the computer screen, you must be picky and make wise decisions.

Considering LED monitor that comes under your budget

When you are considering budget models, you have to compromise with basic necessities like Height-adjustable stand and USB ports. However, budget LED monitors do come with LED backlighting and are capable for providing very bright light in all conditions and can work on very little power supply as well. LED screens are ideal for situations when there is a power cut as they consume minimum power unlike the monitors for the past.

Considering high-end models

If you are looking for uncompromised performance, then considering high-end models will solve your purpose. They usually have huge high-end panels (usually above 30 inches) which can display resolution in full HD. You can avail a wealth of fully loaded features along with a much beter aspect ratio. However, it is advisable for users not to over spend on features they are never going to use.

Prices for LED screens depend upon various factors such as screen size, quality of panels and material being used.

Look out for latest trends in electronic market and note down the specific features before making a purchase. However, if you want to be sure shot about the overall computer performance, you can blindly go for Simmtronics LED monitor which suffice your needs in every aspect. This model stands somewhere between your budget and high-end expectations, making Simmtronics LED monitors an undisputed choice in its segment.

Contact us today and our executives will make sure to get back to you in no time.