Tech Hacks That Will Make You Love Your Computer/Laptop Even More


Every individual who owns a computer or laptop looks for easy ways to use their device. Be it laptop adapters chargers or complicated apps, users just want things linked to their device to be easier.

But geeks and techies; they look beyond the usual. They have this irresistible urge to turn even the most basic of systems into an efficient unit with their web-acquired tricks.

Listed below are a few common yet useful hacks from geeks that other every other geek should know.

  • If that clumsy wired mouse has always been a trouble for you, throw it away right now. You can perform a number of operations from launching apps to editing text using your keyboard. You can learn the basics on the internet.
  • The laptop case which you use to protect your device from scratches and dents, actually helps keep your device from getting too hot.
  • Going out? You can remotely access your computer from anywhere and keep any eye on what’s going on with your device when you’re not there.
  • You might be aware of the common shortcut to close your current window but did you know there are hundreds of them you can learn to make your life easier.
  • There are hidden games in your computer that you might not even be aware of. With a little coding and step-by-step instructions, you can access interesting old school games like Pong and Tetris on your system.

You might be tempted to buy cool accessories such as external hard drive, laptop stand, cooling pad, laptop case and more for your device, but knowing these hacks instead can make the difference that those accessories might not.

If you have that geek within you , keep these hacks at your fingertips.


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