5 Cool Gift Ideas Your Tech-Obsessed Friend Would Definitely Love


While even a small chocolate bar brings a broad smile on our face when gifted by a loved or known one, thoughtful custom presents make a lot more sense and obviously create more happiness.


There are art lovers, foodies, sports buffs and then we have the tech-obsessed. With a myriad of advanced tech accessories in the market, it isn’t a challenging feat to surprise and delight a gadget-obsessed friend, sibling or colleague.

Let’s take a look at the most sought after gifts any techie would be pleased to receive.

Wireless Headphones
This accessory brings the best of both worlds: sound technology and comfort. Wireless earphones make listening to music more comfortable in environments such as gym, public transport, and other crowded settings. There are a lot of affordable options for wireless or Bluetooth headphones out there. Compare the available choices based on volume, sound quality, and controls.

Portable Smartphone Charger
Nothing can be more frustrating than the terrible feeling when you head out the door unsure if your smartphone will make it through the night. Having a portable charger allows one to restore their phone battery when on the go or outside without needing a charger or having to find a socket to connect one.

Digital Camera
Chances are the receiver will have a smartphone with a pretty good camera. However, it is still a unique experience to own a standalone digital camera. You don’t necessarily need to buy an expensive model to gift someone. There are countless choices and varieties in the market that offer advanced features at competitive prices.

Bluetooth Speakers
Again, smartphones today are influenced by modern technology and thus have great inbuilt sound quality. But if you have ever owned or used Bluetooth speakers, you would know nothing compares to their audio quality.

Being compact and portable in nature, Bluetooth speakers are perfect to play your favourite tunes when hitting the beach or going on a hike or casually lounging around your dwelling. Isn’t it the coolest gift to give someone?

To Sum up
If you’re looking for a gift for your tech-obsessed friend or family member, keep these accessories in your list. Moreover, laptop cover, mini keyboard, streaming stick, USB drive and action camera are amongst some other uncommon yet effective accessories you can consider when it comes to gifting a tech-obsessed.

To make it easier for you, Simmtronics is a reliable online retailer that provides you with a wide range of laptop accessories and devices. From Simmtronics Led monitor to Simmtronics data card and Simmtronics Ram DDR2, you can choose from a huge assortment to find a perfect gift.


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