Importance of Buying Business Laptops from a Trusted Manufacturer or Vendor


Laptop makers are always on the move to create something innovative in order to differentiate between their consumers and professional-oriented computer systems. However in most of the cases, their home users would be better off if they the marketing spin are being ignored by them and they look forward to buy business laptops. Since consumer portables are basically designed for style, business laptops offer a lot of configuration options along with improvised usability.

Large corporate customers generally buy these corporate notebooks like HP NX6120 in thousands of number and expect them to work for a prolonged period. However, a laptop life doesn’t depend upon the years but its usage, since corporate executives make use of laptops more than anything else, it’s understood that they expect a minimized lifeline of laptops.

Hence, designing laptops at the highest quality to keep their customers satisfied is what laptop manufacturers look out for. However, buying laptop isn’t all what big corporate look out for; they want a vendor who assures back-end support along with providing high quality laptop accessories.

Importance of being associated with a trusted vendor

Corporations prefer holding on to their vendors for a long term association who keep offering parts and services. The problem arises when a company trusts its vendor and soon after placing the order for hundreds of laptops, the laptop model gets discontinued and it’s hard for them to find the accessories like replacement batteries, AC adapters and other components. This bitters the company-vendor relationships, hence finding a trustworthy vendor who makes sure to provide reliable services in such situation is a must.

Bottom Line

If you want more protection and reliability for your business laptop warranties, consider Simmtronics as your vendor. We offer priority services to our clients and make sure to provide the after sales services to them by providing timely services and laptop accessories.

We understand that your business laptops are a huge liability and a concern for IT department.  Hence, we offer services that give you a peace of mind along with back end support. Place your orders today!


Gadget Care and Maintenance; Quick Tips and Tricks to Extend the Life of Your Laptop Battery


Sometime, you just hate our laptop battery for slowing down performance, getting the device all heated up or dying right when you’re about to complete your PowerPoint presentation .

And at times, your laptop battery just works so well that you can’t adore it more. We all have these love/hate moments with our laptop battery. However, the truth is batteries, be it ASUS A32-T12 or NX7400, need to be only loved for them to love you back.

For that matter, we have laid out some advice to help you take good care of your laptop battery and prolong its life and time with you.

Operating temperatures largely affect the battery life. While room temperature is optimal for batteries to work, you must check the manufacture’s guide to adjust temperatures when working at an abnormal temperature.

To prolong your battery life, keep it from charging to their full capacity. It is also advisable to fully discharge your battery and then recharge your laptop once or twice year. However, make sure there aren’t frequent full discharges as it causes the battery to give up the ghost.

In case your laptop is going to be inactive for a long period of time, make sure the battery is charged around 40-60%. A completely discharged battery when kept inactive for a prolonged time, can possibly wear out forever.

Use built-in power settings to save your battery without having to affect the performance of your device. By switching to the power saver mode you can enable your laptop to automatically control the use of energy and conserve battery power in a sustainable way.

The Takeaway

Remember, laptop batteries tend to deteriorate over time owing to particularly their age, usage and environmental temperatures. But the owner with a bit of care and attention and of course the above mentioned tips can always ensure their laptop battery is in good condition and doesn’t wear out anytime before their laptop.

3 Laptop Maintenance Tips Every User Should Acknowledge


The laptop you purchased a few months back doesn’t seem to be making the cut today. There are those innovative features you are craving right now. Ok, your friend has the latest model from the same brand you use.

And you can make up a hundred more excuses to throw away your laptop impulsively. However, if you don’t have a strong reason like physical damage and technical breakdown, you’re better off with these handy maintenance tips that will help upgrade your laptop at a nominal cost. So, let’s glance at some quick care and maintenance fixes.

Keep your operating system healthy

An operating system has to keep a lot of operations running including hardware and software application. So, it can be natural for an OS to go wonky over time and affect the speed of the laptop.

To make sure the OS is in good health, it is necessary to fix any problems it is dealing with by uninstalling software and delete corrupt registry entries. Also, instead of reinstalling the window, which sometimes cause software and the whole device to slow down, you can consider a new installation. You can upgrade to a newer version of the OS you’re currently using.

Feed your laptop regular updates

Another great way to boost the performance of your device is keeping it updated. From your antivirus application to the operating system itself, supplying your laptop with the latest updates available will ensure that novel features are added and issues slowing down the device get fixed.

Regular hardware clean up

Users often enjoy their snacks and drinks over their device, chocking the laptop keypads and treating it to human food, drips and spills. Also, computer devices themselves acquire dirt, dust from the atmosphere as they age.

Using the appropriate, fluid, airbrush and cloth, give your hardware including keypad, screen and battery a thorough cleaning every so often.

The final word

Technology is advancing at a fast pace and every year we have some better, fancier laptop hardware upgrades and advanced features. However, if you wish to avoid the headache of setting up a new device and time-consuming data transfers, give the abovementioned cost-effective maintenance tips a shot.

Technical Guide: How to Take Better Care of Your Laptop


Laptops have been around for quite a long time. Given the multitude of purposes they serve from computing to business operations to personal use, it’s not surprising to see laptops taking over PCs and desktops.

Knowing that we put so much into the guts of our laptop to meet our daily needs, good care and maintenance is necessary to keep the device working efficiently. That being said, here are a few things to consider to make sure your device has a long and you a seamless experience using it.

Beyond regular cleaning and dusting

Moving a cloth over screen, scrubbing down, removing dust and polishing the keyboard isn’t enough. One must pay attention to many other things including:

  • Keep food and liquids away from your laptop
  • Be careful while eating and drinking to prevent stains and crumbs from building up.
  • Clean your hands before you take them on your device.
  • Use only approved solutions and dusting tools
  • Handle the screen carefully while cleaning

    Proper Storage

    While you can’t prevent accidental drops and bumps to your device, you can always take measures to reduce the similar chances. A laptop bag or case is a cool accessory to carry your laptop safely while moving out or travelling. Moreover, whether a backpack, shoulder bag or a carrying case, ensure that there’s ample storage space, sturdy carry handles and a padded section to prevent scratches and damage when travelling. Accessorise for a long life Being an electronic device, it’s only inevitable for your laptop to face fortuitous bumps, scratches, drops and other technical and physical issues. Equipping your device with a few essential laptop accessories can not only help extend its applications but also enhance its performance and features. A spare laptop battery, laptop sleeve, screen guard, cooling fan or mat and cleaning kit are the likes of things you can accessorise your laptop with to ensure good function and condition.

    Whether you have an HV DV4 model or a MacBook Pro, over time, your device may gather dust and debris and acquire scratches, overheating issues and many other problems. To keep you laptop running smoothly and in acceptable shape, it is of important to consider above mentioned tips and additional maintenance measures.