5 Cool Gift Ideas Your Tech-Obsessed Friend Would Definitely Love


While even a small chocolate bar brings a broad smile on our face when gifted by a loved or known one, thoughtful custom presents make a lot more sense and obviously create more happiness.


There are art lovers, foodies, sports buffs and then we have the tech-obsessed. With a myriad of advanced tech accessories in the market, it isn’t a challenging feat to surprise and delight a gadget-obsessed friend, sibling or colleague.

Let’s take a look at the most sought after gifts any techie would be pleased to receive.

Wireless Headphones
This accessory brings the best of both worlds: sound technology and comfort. Wireless earphones make listening to music more comfortable in environments such as gym, public transport, and other crowded settings. There are a lot of affordable options for wireless or Bluetooth headphones out there. Compare the available choices based on volume, sound quality, and controls.

Portable Smartphone Charger
Nothing can be more frustrating than the terrible feeling when you head out the door unsure if your smartphone will make it through the night. Having a portable charger allows one to restore their phone battery when on the go or outside without needing a charger or having to find a socket to connect one.

Digital Camera
Chances are the receiver will have a smartphone with a pretty good camera. However, it is still a unique experience to own a standalone digital camera. You don’t necessarily need to buy an expensive model to gift someone. There are countless choices and varieties in the market that offer advanced features at competitive prices.

Bluetooth Speakers
Again, smartphones today are influenced by modern technology and thus have great inbuilt sound quality. But if you have ever owned or used Bluetooth speakers, you would know nothing compares to their audio quality.

Being compact and portable in nature, Bluetooth speakers are perfect to play your favourite tunes when hitting the beach or going on a hike or casually lounging around your dwelling. Isn’t it the coolest gift to give someone?

To Sum up
If you’re looking for a gift for your tech-obsessed friend or family member, keep these accessories in your list. Moreover, laptop cover, mini keyboard, streaming stick, USB drive and action camera are amongst some other uncommon yet effective accessories you can consider when it comes to gifting a tech-obsessed.

To make it easier for you, Simmtronics is a reliable online retailer that provides you with a wide range of laptop accessories and devices. From Simmtronics Led monitor to Simmtronics data card and Simmtronics Ram DDR2, you can choose from a huge assortment to find a perfect gift.


Seek Out for The Most Efficient Led Monitors Which Comes Under Budget


The computer monitor you are operating on right now was probably installed along with other assembled products. People usually fail to make wise decisions when they don’t have better options in similar range, hence they end operating on screens which are harmful not only for the eyes but also for the entire ecosystem of the working environment. When you are spending most of the time looking at the computer screen, you must be picky and make wise decisions.

Considering LED monitor that comes under your budget

When you are considering budget models, you have to compromise with basic necessities like Height-adjustable stand and USB ports. However, budget LED monitors do come with LED backlighting and are capable for providing very bright light in all conditions and can work on very little power supply as well. LED screens are ideal for situations when there is a power cut as they consume minimum power unlike the monitors for the past.

Considering high-end models

If you are looking for uncompromised performance, then considering high-end models will solve your purpose. They usually have huge high-end panels (usually above 30 inches) which can display resolution in full HD. You can avail a wealth of fully loaded features along with a much beter aspect ratio. However, it is advisable for users not to over spend on features they are never going to use.

Prices for LED screens depend upon various factors such as screen size, quality of panels and material being used.

Look out for latest trends in electronic market and note down the specific features before making a purchase. However, if you want to be sure shot about the overall computer performance, you can blindly go for Simmtronics LED monitor which suffice your needs in every aspect. This model stands somewhere between your budget and high-end expectations, making Simmtronics LED monitors an undisputed choice in its segment.

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Buying Simmtronics LED Monitor to Meet Different Viewing Needs


With the technological advancements, buying a Monitor has become as complicated as buying a Smartphone, of course you got to select the best product with best features which is cost-effective as well. It’s not been so long before the flat panel Television sets and computer screens invaded our living rooms; however most of the people fail to understand the difference between an LED and an LCD screen.

Understanding the world of LED

Making a selection choice between the both has always been hard; however Simmtronics LED Monitors can achieve much better blacks with greater contrast ratio as compared to other LCD sets. The giant screen you see at the stadiums and shopping hotspots are actually Liquid Emitting Diodes screens made up on gazillion bright Liquid Emitting Diodes. Because of its bigger size, these lights are often used as a source to backlight the LCD crystals.

Simmtronics use edge lightening system that makes the Television set extremely thin, as a result the viewer gets better clarity than CCFL screens. We take full advantage of LED lighting by to achieve greater level of dimming control and much better the picture quality.

Features of Simmtronics LED Monitor

  • It achieves deeper blacks and emits brighter images to produce much better contrast ratio

  • These monitors are slimmer and can be installed easily

  • A Simmtronics LED monitor delivers sharper viewing angles than a usual LCD Monitor

  • LEDs being used for are energy efficient than the CCFL counterparts

  • Higher point density than outdoor and semi-outdoor screens

  • Display quality is way better than Plasma and the CRTs

  • Use mercury unlike other backlighting techniques are not encouraged

Buying a Simmtronics LED Monitor will let you enjoy wider viewing angles with closer viewing distances; you will get a better experience of exciting animations and colorful graphics.

LCD vs. LED: What’s Your Display Pick?


In recent years, both LED and LCD have come up as the most advanced display technologies that produce superior picture quality. However, given some significant features that differentiate one from another, the battle between the two seems far from over.

Let’s clear the air

Ok. LCD might get an extra point for being around for years, particularly since the early 70s where it was first used in digital watches. But being lately introduced to the digital space as display screens doesn’t make LEDs any less.
Coming straight to differences;

LCD monitors uses cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) for display backlighting while LEDs illuminate the screen using an array of smaller yet more efficient light emitting diodes.

Physically, LED displays are fairly thin, light and use less power as compared to LCD monitors.

LEDs provide better white levels and contrast than LCDs that have a lower dynamic contrast ratio.

So, clearly LED monitors and TVs are winning more hearts than LED displays ever did.
Should you be worrying about the premium pricing of LEDs?

With the top-notch technology and features LED devices are equipped with, it is no surprise that electronic manufactures ask for a higher price for their LED devices. Considering the unsurpassed picture quality and seamless operation, most people find LED monitors and TVs a fine investment.

Moreover, the good news is popular brands are coming up with mainstream models of LEDs with fair functionality and features non-enthusiasts can afford. If you’re looking to buy one, you can certainly ponder Simmtronics LED monitor available in the market along with a wide range LCD TV, data card, memory, SD card and laptop accessories.

Rules of thumb for buyers

Before you even get to the point where you have to choose between LED and LCD, there are a few basic considerations that will help make a right decision no matter what you pick. This includes your needs from the intended use of monitor to the screen size to display settings and features you are looking for. In addition, you should be considering the warranty coverage, technical support and needless to say performance in order to end up buying an efficient monitor for your application.

Electronics Buying Guide: Dos and Don’ts of Buying a Monitor


Monitors aren’t just computer monitors nowadays. Long gone are the days when those monitors were to only visualise input from keyboards. Today, not just desktop computers but gaming systems, entertainment systems and even laptops use monitors as secondary screens. From watching movies to editing photos to playing games to video conferencing, monitors are used as displays across a variety of applications.
While buying a run-of-the-mill monitor at a cheap price could be a poor deal, getting high-end model with unnecessary features is also a waste of money. With that said, it becomes important to have a basic overview of monitors before you buy one and invest your money in an adequate one.
In addition, here are some dos and don’ts that you should consider in order to help your buying decision.
Do Pick the Right Size
You could be using it for playing video games with your friends or watching movies with your family and thus, choosing the right size is necessary to add to the experience no matter the application. While going with the biggest size your budget allows is a good idea, considering the work area or the space where you wish to set your display, is what you need to think about alongside the intended use.
Don’t Go For Attractive yet Unnecessary Features
Buyers often settle for attractive deals without ensuring features and functions and end up wasting their money and time. Avoid spending on features and technicalities you don’t need.
Do Ensure Efficiency
Energy efficiency may not be a deciding factor for those with basic application needs. However, for companies using as large number of monitors consistently, investing in energy efficient models can help save big on their operating costs.
Don’t Base Your Decision on Price Alone
Finding a cheap deal is good but getting a budget model can’t live up to your performance expectations. Different monitors are designed to perform different functions. Compromising on quality and features for a few bucks won’t help, and neither would getting the most expensive model just because it’s expensive. Do extensive research on models with features and functionalities you’re looking for and then find the best deal within that range.
Moreover, you can make a great deal by buying quality LED monitors offered at reasonable prices at simmtrionics.co.in.

Buying Refurbished: Top Brands for Refurbished Electronics


Buying new electronics be it a large-screen Simmtronics led monitor or a small yet classy iPhone, is exciting. However, the introduction of the new and widely popular “refurbished” trend has moved the interest of consumers from new devices to reconditioned products when it comes to buying their favorite gadgets and electronics on the cheap. Yes, refurbs, in good condition and as reliable as new devices, are the latest trend. But, available at knock-down prices, these refurbs are often defamed as faulty items that have consumers end up saddled with nothing but expensive trash.

With that said, it’s important to make sure the refurb you buy is repaired, reconditioned and tested to be as good as new and work efficiently. To make it easier for you to ensure the best possible refurnished product, we’ve mentioned here some of the best brands that are known for selling quality refurbished products.

Apple is one of the most popular brands that refurbish their own products and resell them to be used again by consumers. Apple generally replaces defective parts and the outer shell of all the devices being refurbished, while adding a new battery and also, a renewed one year warranty to the hardware. Well, Apple refurbs seem quite a lucrative deal for consumers who interestingly look for Apple hardware, but drop the idea due to high prices.

Another in the list of recommended manufacturers of refurbished items is Sony. Known for the quality of its refurbs, however, the brand may require consumers to do an extensive search to find refurbs on its website. Although the brand carries a limited refurbished stock, you can still save up to 48% on refurbished cameras and up to 50% on VAIO laptops.

Dell and HP

When it comes to buying branded laptops, tablets, desktops and monitors for cheap, HP and Dell have lately come to set a standard with their good-as-new refurbs. However, refurbs from these brands aren’t loaded with the latest specs and features, you can find a wealth of discounts on tech items.